Big Profits From Big Cap Stocks

Christian Andreach, managing director at Manning and Napier Equity Fund, told CNBC it's a good time to take advantage of what big-cap stocks offer.


Electronic Arts —"This company is the dominant software and video games publisher. [Although] we’re concerned today with the industry sales, we think that as we head into the holiday season, we’ll see acceleration in software sales as console prices are cut. A lot of skepticism around the name, so [there's an] opportunity to get in at a reasonable valuation."

Unilever —"Just recently, the company brought in a new CEO from Nestle. They’ve got a new chairman, they’ve got a new CFO, and we think they’ve got a tremendous scope for cost cutting, a low valuation, really depressed market sentiment."


- The Dow 30 at a Glance



No immediate information was available for Christian Andreach or his fund.