No Need For "Safer America" Any More?

Gas Mask
Gas Mask

It is a sign of the times on a very sad anniversary. A company born out of fear created by Sept. 11, 2001, is going out of business.

Safer America,is holding one final sale, starting today, the anniversary of the terror attacks. "As a farewell present, we've decided to offer our subscribers prices like never before!" The company sells personal gas masks, respirators, "escape hoods", even this bio-hazard suit for kids. The suit fits children 2'8" to 3'8", on sale for $95, but, be warned, "This suit does not offer protection against radiation."

For $89, you can get the battery-powered Air-O-Click Air Blower,which helps keep toxic gases out of ill-fitting gas masks: "It is very effective for children with gas masks, people that are heavy smokers, people that suffer from light asthma, older people who have difficulty breathing." Let's hope no one's trying to smoke while wearing the gas mask.

Safer America will close its doors for good on October 30th, one day before Halloween. Years ago, after the Los Angeles riots, the local TV station where I was working bought all reporters riot helmets, gas masks, and bulletproof vests. The only time I've ever worn them was on Halloween.

Americans are not as scared as they used to be, and that's bad for the has mask business. In promoting the fire sale, Safer America says, "We don't leave you any excuses not to grab this opportunity at getting some of the best First Response Equipment available on the market today…before it's too late!" I'm telling you, this stuff makes for a great costume.

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