Mad Mail: Is Owens-Illinois a Buy?

Booyah Jim: Back in the spring you highlighted Owens-Illinois. I began monitoring this stock and saw the stock price get killed when the natural gas prices exploded. Now that prices have eased, I would have thought OI would have drifted upward. However, just the opposite is the case. It appears to be trading at just a little over 8 times estimated 2008 earnings. Is this stock a buy here, or are other factors that I'm missing keeping this stock down? --Joe

Cramer says: “There is a little bit of a demand problem, but you’re absolutely right in terms of raw costs. I’m looking at it again for my charitable trust. It’s just too darn cheap. But I have to tell you, it is chilling to see some of these stocks that are owned by hedge fund managers, and that one’s heavy, the way they plummet. I think there’s real value there. We should call the CEO and get him back on.”


Booyah Jim!: Thank you to you, your entire crew and CNBC. I am very grateful to you guys for putting on a truly entertaining educational inspiring show…are you the Robin Hood of Wall Street, or what? Do you have a place to go with recommendations for learning…i.e., how to read balance sheets/cash flow statements, charts, etc. I have all your books as well as Lynch, Buffett and Graham; I didn't make it thru that one though. --Brian

P.S. While picking up my 4-year-old daughter she said, "Are you ready, Skee-Daddy?" (Honest) We are working on her 529...I thought it was cool, 'cause she sees me watch MAD MONEY…these are the real people you touch! It matters!

Cramer says: For investors who want to operate at a high level, go with Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World. People looking to learn more about mutual funds should read Stay Mad For Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer).


Hey Jim: I would like to know your opinion on Best Buy. Now that they sell the iPhone and have a recent expansion into Russia, do you think they would be a good buy? Love the show. I've just gotten into it, so don't quit anytime soon! --Timmy

Cramer says: “I believe that there’s a resurgence in retail coming. I’ve been suggesting Lowe’s, Home Depot, Urban Outfitters. I believe that Sears has had a turn after that last quarter. Best Buy’s pretty good. I think those others are better. I really think that people should stay close to Sears. Because if they get a turn there, then Eddie Lampert will be vindicated.”


Hi Jim!: Booyah! I am a new investor, and I love your show as well as your books! I was wondering what you thought about ConAgra Foods. It lowered its earnings guidance and its price has dropped because of it. On the bright side, it has a pretty high yield. Is this a good buying opportunity? Thanks for all of your investment advice! --Marla in Ohio

Cramer says: “We do not own food stocks for yield. We own them for growth. ConAgra…that guy is a very good guy who’s running it but he has got the worst raw costs other than Tyson Foods. I do not want you in ConAgra.” Campbell Soup, which reported a good quarter Thursday, is a better pick.

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