Follow Up: Lorie Marrero and Britt Menzies

By Lorie Marrero
Founder, The Clutter Diet


How would you like a Professional Organizer to help you propel your business to new heights of efficiency and function? My fellow Big Idea guest Britt Menzies of got this great surprise back in August when we both appeared on the show called “The Five Toxins That Are Killing Your Success.” I was sent right away to Atlanta to conquer the continual (yet, good) stress in her home-based business.We made quitea dramatic difference in just one day! Britt and I can’t wait for you to see our fun home video that we made for you with our before and after pictures. Click here if you can’t see the embedded video player.

By Lorie Marrero
Founder, The Clutter Diet

We first spent some time together going over the Personal Productivity Systems Checklistthat I mentioned on the show, and I consulted with her on improving her contact management, data backups, paper management and other important business systems. Then we got to work on the physical space.

Her office was in their master bedroom, and it had taken over! Her husband had a separate home office, but it was not apparent to them that they could possibly share this space. For one thing, the furniture was arranged to take up most of the room and that made it hard to have a vision for how it could be.

We rearranged the office furniture, moved her desk in from her bedroom (we had to take the legs off to get it out the door!), and reconfigured the small closet in that room to become a work center for tagging, folding, and other fulfillment needs.

The master bedroom is now only for relaxing, and the Menzies family can easily shut the office door for everyone at the end of the day and just be together.

Britt and I want to thank local Atlanta organizer Jaye Gennuso for her invaluable assistance in making this happen much faster than the two of us ever could have done by ourselves.

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