Lessons from a Tech Titan

When S. Gopalakrishnan walked into the interview room, there was no fuss and fanfare. You can't help but think what a nice and humble man he is. But don't underestimate the soft-spoken CEO who co-founded Infosys 27 years ago. Armed with many years of experience in the U.S., and later as Chief Operating Officer, President and Joint Managing Director, Gopalakrishnan has helped to pioneer the company's outsourcing model.

Gopalakrishnan strikes me as a man who's firm and decisive when he wants to be, but open and consultative when it comes to rallying the troops. Having been installed CEO for just over a year, Gopalakrishnan is quietly carving out his leadership style within the company, one that sets him apart from his charismatic predecessors Narayana Murthy and Nandan Nilekani.

For the next 7 years before he retires at 60, the journey for Gopalakrishnan is fraught with challenges. The company's biggest market, the United States is slowing down, not to mention fierce competition and rising wages in India. Gopalakrishnan has set revenue targets he wants to achieve to wean off the company's dependence on the US and he has been busy scouting for acquisitions targets. It will be interesting to see where he takes the company next.

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