CEOs Speak Out on The Economy

CEOs from various industries gathered on CNBC to talk about the economy and its impact on their companies. Watch the following videos for what each had to say.

Hard-to-Swallow Sales

“From our perspective, there is a certain mood of gloom in the consumer, especially the low-end consumer, because they are struggling much more than we’ve seen in any time in the last two decades. (According to an anecdote from a CEO of a convenience store chain), the drop off in construction has really caused a major drop-off in consumer buying habits. That’s caused a major problem in the convenience store market, which in turn affects the sales of the food and beverage industry.”

—Indra Nooyi, CEO, PepsiCo

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Honeywell's Global Game Plan

“Financial stress impacting industries depends on the country, but clearly the U.S. is finally feeling that the slowing is going to be real — it’s already there in the housing, you’re certainly seeing it in the autos now. We don’t see it as much in other things, surprisingly. We look at Europe and generally slowing – particularly in autos, and you see it in housing in countries like Italy and Spain. But in terms of our products, it hasn’t hurt us that much.”

—David Cote, CEO, Honeywell International

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Ford's New Whips

“The fact that fuel prices have gone up, and we’re now more or less same around the world, it helps us in terms of requirements coming together. [Because currently, the regulations for making a car in the United States is different from the rest of the world. This change] will benefit all of us. The gas prices really influence customers’ behavior.”

—Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford

Parting Shots with David Novak

“The successful people are ones who have a real portfolio, brands that have great affordability in the consumer segment, and people who are global. As we look at the retail segment, there are basically three drivers: same-store sales, new units, return on invested capital....I think America’s in a great shape—we have a lot of great CEOs, and even though there are tough times, this country knows how to rebound. We’re going to be fine.”

—David Novak, CEO, Yum Brands

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