Sound Off: What You Think About the Financial Crisis

We asked for your comments on the current financial crisis, and many folks are already offering up their opinions on who's to blame: the government, the institutions themselves, the media ...

Some of you blame the government, like Neil in Florida:

This crisis has primarily occurred due to the fact that 9 years ago the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was repealed. FDR and his team were very wise to keep the banks and brokerages apart. New regualation again needs to be put into place to avoid this in the future.

Others point, either directly or indirectly, to Wall Street greed:

I'd like to know what happened to all the money that was paid out as bonuses to the Wall Street big shots as their investors got burned.

— P. Burnham, Idaho

Greed is the creator. It is a restructuring of the world economy. It's what the creators wanted and will pay dearly for while the trillions mismanaged by the establishment dwindle ! ! ! !

— Harry, New York

And some folks, like Tom in Pennsylvania, aren't pointing the finger just yet, but they're worried about the reaction from the typical American consumer:

I'm not worried about the failure of LB, I am worried about the consumer on Main Street seeing this and slamming their wallets shut in a general knee-jerk reaction on the eve of the xmas shopping season.

Still others, like Rick in Colorado, point multiple fingers in multiple directions, including at himself and other consumers/investors:

I think that everyone is looking to point a finger at someone, but we are all to blame — consumers for over extending, banks for lax lending and the government for failing to stop the party when they had a chance. In my opinion, we will free fall for a long time as stability of banks, oil and the consumer won't all happen at once.

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