Thursday's Viewer Favorite: Photofiddle

By Michael Karmatz

My many years of hard work and sacrifice spent on getting to become a reality


has been very rewarding. The product really speaks for itself. Everyone who sees one, wants one for themselves.

I receive hundreds of handwritten letters and emails from all over the country, all walks of life, telling me how they gave their Photofiddle art to their family, friends that brought tears to their eyes..or how impressed they were of the quality for something that was so easy to do..or how unbelievably cool it was for them to make something so funky from an ordinary photo.

I believe the reason for's success, is because it is personal. This custom art truly becomes an heirloom that is cherished and displayed for everyone to see each day. Whether you choose a sentimental oil painting style, a fun pop art, a sexy sketch, colorful watercolor, or a wacky abstract, each one of these one-of-a-kind pieces of art has REAL meaning behind it. Just as one's mood can change from hearing a favorite song on the can viewing your Photofiddle Art. It is THAT good, and best of all, it comes from YOU.

Soon, everyone will be strutting their stuff by showing their love, their passions, their memories, their wild side, their personality through Photofiddle Art.

I appreciate the support from my friends, family, my hardworking employees, and all my Fiddlers out there who helped win the Million Dollar idea contest.

Once again thank you Donny and The Big Idea team for giving us the opportunity to sharing on National Television.

Michael Karmatz