Palin's "Hottie" VP Poster And Maids Get Corporate Retreat Treat!

In the business of politics, there may be competition now for thefamous "Hope" posterswith the artsy depiction of Sen. Barack Obama.

Now you can get the GOP take with a $4"Hottie for VP" sticker. Meantime, no such artsy sticker yet for Sen. Joe Biden.


In a week in which it feels like the economy is on life support, and you're lucky to have a job (and you are!), Embassy Suites, part of the Blackstone-owned Hilton Hotels Corp., is doing something completely different. The company is holding an executive retreat at the Tapatio Cliffs resort in Phoenix for 400 employees. But here's what's different about this team-building retreat. Some of the employees are hotel maids and desk clerks. For some, this is the first time they've ever been on an airplane. The company has 40 Spanish-speaking translators on hand.

Yes, for once, the maids get to leave their high-end hotel rooms a mess for someone else to clean up.

Team building "exercises" include putting together bicycles for charity. There's also a demonstration of the hotel experience is from the customer's perspective, and, after all that, the resort is setting up a special "Casino Room," with poker and Black Jack for "a little action" after hours.

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This is the first time the hotel chain has ever done something like this involving non-executives, and you know it isn't cheap. Why spend this kind of money, especially right now in this economy? Why invest in your maids?

"We realize that our team members are the most important component of a guest's stay," a spokeswoman says. "We felt the timing was right to re-focus and reinforce our service culture now. At a time when the economy is rough and most people are cutting back, we are investing in the leadership development of our teams."

The employees being flown to Phoenix were chosen for showing leadership at the hotels where they work. "We are investing in these employees, showing them how to make a difference at their hotels not only with guests, but with each other. Even the small things make a HUGE impact."

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