Lehman Still For Sale? (Get It For A Dollar...On Craigslist)

Ernie McClellan

When times get tough, Americans get...sarcastic. Check out this listing on Craigslist.

It lists Lehman Bros. as for sale for $1, adding, "Company needs some lovin' and is a good project for the person who likes fixin' things. Will entertain any reasonable offers or trade for new iphone 3g or xbox 360."

And reader Tim M. is already predicting a story which probably hasn't happened...yet:
"The corpus of the story would be......BRITANY SPEARS house, financed by COUNTRYWIDE and owned by FANNIE MAE due to FORECLOSURE caused by the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN spurred on by the CREDIT CRISIS was destroyed by IKE THE STORM OF THE CENTURY just as it was to be SOLD AT AUCTION to a clever BEAR STEARNS exec who left before the INVESTMENT BANKING IMPLOSION to join the LEHMAN BROTHER before its JUDGMENT DAY. The exec was rumored to have found financing from NEAR DEATH WAMU."

    • Lehman Brothers schedules bankruptcy court hearing

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