Fortress Four Update

Back on July 21, Jim listed four banks that he thought had the capital to acquire their weakened, troubled competitors: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bancorp, and JPMorgan Chase. Now it looks like things are starting to unfold as planned, with Bank of America agreeing to snap up Merrill Lynch .

I should also point out that at $27.40, Bank of America has, for the first time since Jim created the Fortress Four, fallen below its price that day--$28.56. Now, I am not saying Bank of America's a buy here, there are definitely better opportunities among the financials after Monday's 500 point drubbing--even among the Four Fortresses--five if you count Wachovia, which we added on Sept. 8 because of the great leadership of CEO Bob Steel. We had Bob Steel on tonight in an interview you should definitely catch if you missed the show. I'm just pointing out that, at least for the Four Fortresses, everything seems to be unfolding as predicted.

Whether that's enough with the financial black holes of Citigroup and AIG still unfilled is something that remains to be seen.

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