Make a Difference: Donate Life America

By David Flemming
Executive Director, Donate Life America

If you knew that you could save up to eight people’s lives by simply spending one minute on a w


ebsite would you do it? That is all it takes to save the more than 100,000 Americans currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. Their hope lies in organizations like CNBC, people like Donny Deutsch and people just like you and me joining in the fight to save their lives.

Unlike most national healthcare crises, we know the solution to this one. If every American takes just one minute and registers to be an organ donor, hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved, hundreds of thousands more will have sight restored and even more will return to normal life thanks to a needed tissue transplant. Most Americans can now register their decision to be a donor online, and it is a simple one-step process. Registering to be a donor ensures that your personal decision to be a donor is know and will be honored.

Let’s join together and actually solve a national healthcare crisis by visiting and registering your decision to be a donor. If you are already a donor, encourage a friend or family member to register. That is all it takes.

On behalf of those waiting and those that will be touched by organ donation and transplantation, we thank you for your consideration. Please take a minute, save a life.

Thanks for becoming part of the solution.

G. David Fleming
Executive Director
Donate Life America