Dude, HP "Goes After" Dell


Earlier this week we saw Microsoft finally go on the offensive against Apple, trying to co-opt its "I'm a PC" catchphrase and turn Apple's own ads against itself.

This morning, Hewlett-Packard is doing much the same thing against its rival Dell in an effective ad running in papers across the country, including the New York Times. HP is resurrecting the "Dude, You're Gettin' a Dell" campaign, which wasn't the brightest point in Dell's history, and now it's being used against it.

In the splashy ad, HP proclaims, "Dude, your Dell died 5 hours ago." The fine print tells you what HP is talking about: "While Dell was busy working on getting 19 hours of battery life, we were putting the finishing touches on getting up to 24 hours." The ad goes on to compare HP's EliteBook against Dell's Latitude running ultra-capacity batteries.

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The laptop market is arguably the most dynamic thing going in the PC business. Intel's been doing extremely well. Both HP and Dell have been engaged in big-time warfare with HP soundly trouncing Dell in the category. In fact, HP has owned the notebook market for eight straight quarters.


This has been a rough week for tech stocks. HP dipped to $44 and change this week, recovering nicely today to just shy of $49. For Dell, a different story decidedly: shares dipped to a ten-year low as the company detailed soft business around the world. The company's recovery lagging significantly behind the rest of tech, touching a low today of $14.50, now at $17 and change, and only $1.50 ahead of that closing low reached on Wednesday of $15.63.

After HP details the battery life comparison, the ads simply end: "Rest in Peace, Dell." Wonder if that applies to the company's stock, too. Ouch.

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