Ichan: Greed Has Gone Wild!

If this week has made you a junkie for stock market excitement, there may be more to come next week --- this time from the tech sector.

Keep an eye on Yahoo as its newly reconfigured board meets for the first time on Tuesday. With two allies of Carl Icahn now in the mix, opponents of CEO Jerry Yang may be able to advance their agenda from inside the struggling Internet company.

"Yahoo is a really great company but I think they have to do something with Microsoft or Google is going to kill them," says Carl Icahn on Fast Money.

Yahoo is another one of those companies that frustrates Ichan because he feels it’s not being run in the best interests of the shareholders. And that sets him off.

On his website he writes, “What we’ve really seen over the last three or four years is greed gone wild, and now we’re paying the price for it in a monster hangover.

"America’s corporations need to be run more efficiently or tax revenues will continue to fall far short and we will be even more in hoc to foreign lenders. Inefficiency and mismanagement on a colossal scale is causing our corporations to lose their economic hegemony in the global marketplace every day.”

”We have to make managements accountable or we’re going to lose our heads,” Icahn adds on Fast Money. “We’re really on our way down now,” and something must be done.

Ichan suggests joining him and demanding that Washington change laws to better address the needs of shareholders. Right now he feels it's far too easy for boards to act in their own interests and leave stock owners, "holding the bag."

Icahn goes on to tell a funny story about EBIDA. (It’s a measure of earnings that adds back some items to the net income number.) Well Ichan uses EBIDAT - earnings before insurance, depreciation, amortization and theft. Leave it to Icahn!

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