Thursday's Viewer Favorite: The Straptini

By Stephanie Hodges
Creator, The Straptini

I have always been a fan of Donny and his ability to empower the little guy. For the past three years I have been watching and preparing for this 30 second moment. Sara Blakely, the


founder of Spanx, has truly been my inspiration, someone I thoroughly enjoy watching on CNBC. Armed with a high quality product, creative branding, and a functional solution, I hope to make Straptinis the Spanx of the designer bra strap industry.

Now about my nail biting experience yesterday...

From the moment I got the call things have been nuts. Everyone from the show with the exception of the male judge, was a pleasure to work with! As long as we have women on this planet, bra straps will never be a fad! It has never been okay to let your undies show and the same holds true with those tacky bra straps.

We appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about Straptinis - they eliminate the worries of hiding bra straps and they accessorize any outfit. Straptinis have been embraced by many women in the past three years and we are happy to spread the word on a national level.

Having hair and makeup done on the set was a blast and something I could really get used to! Donny, if you thought I was winking at you, I wasn’t. It was actually my newly applied false eyelashes sticking together. I felt 100% prepared up until the time the producer asked me to sit down to tape. My heart was literally pounding out of my chest. At the end of the week, this has been a wonderful experience.

With such a short timeframe I wasn’t able to really convey that Straptinis are not just for formalwear but they also compliment the everyday tank top and jean ensemble. Straptinis are really products that you can wear every day!

I came into this experience hoping to walk away with the viewers vote. Mission accomplished! Our phones have been ringing off the hook and email inquiries have been amazing. I’m afraid smoke might start coming out of the back of my computer.

Thanks to Donny and friendly Big Idea staff for choosing us to be on the show. A huge thanks also to all the friends, family, and customers, for your support and your votes.


Stephanie Hodges
Founder, Strap Teaze, Inc.