Dow's Triple Digit Streaks

The Dow had it's 5th consecutive day of triple digit moves on Friday for the first time since January 28, 2008. This was the 10th time in its history that it went five days or more with +/- 100+ point moves. As the markets continue to sort out all the government actions and the next chapter in the credit crisis, the VIX is still above 30 so there is a good chance this streak can continue.

+/- 100 point Streaks for the Dow:

  • Longest streak was 8 and it only happened once in October 2002
  • The Dow had three 6-day triple digit streaks in its history, the last ending on January 15, 2008 (not counting the 8-day streak in 2002)
  • The Dow had six 5-day triple digit streaks in its history, the last being Friday (not counting the 8-day and 6-day streaks above)

On the open this morning the Dow has fallen as much at ~100 points again. Leading the Dow down this morning are JP Morgan Chase , Citigroup , American Express , Bank of America , and Disney .

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