5-Star Strategy: Go Cyclical

What's the best approach to investing in these volatile times? Top-down, or bottom-up? How about both? That's the approach taken by Highmark Capital's chief investment officer, David Goerz.

His five-star Highmark Value Fund is up an average of 7.37 percent per year over the last five years.

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"We do think that some of the measures that have been put in place are going to be positive," Goerz said of the current, top-down, environment. "In that kind of world, where we think that cyclical growth will be accelerating, we want to think about being invested in more cyclically-oriented sectors."


Goerz's list includes Home Depot, Alcoa, Boeing, Intel, and Intersil.

"These are sectors where you're going to see accelerating earnings," he told CNBC.


Disclosure information for David Goerz was not immediately available.