On the Hunt for Cliches

We're getting a lot of cliches in the business news lately.

It's not surprising. The past few weeks have been intense. Reporters and editors are tired. And the issues are particularly complex. So writing and speaking tend to drift into the easy catch phrases. "Off the table" and "fight to the finish" are just some of the examples I'm seeing both on our site and our competitors.

What's fun, though, is when the cliches get mixed or obvious. Politicians do that really well. Here's a couple (and I'm not naming names (cliche) because I don't want to embarrass folks, just get a chuckle) ...

"Another bullet in the quiver ..."

"At the edge of a significant cliff ..."

"The question has to be asked: What is the question we're trying to answer."

Seen any good ones yourself? Let me know. It might be a silver lining to the dark clouds of these troubled times.

Update: What you folks are sending in ....

"Those are the places that we want to get in front of, as we think forward."

"Looks Higher.... Could Go Lower"

"Waiting for other shoes to drop."

"We'll jump of that bridge when we get to it..."

"I think we're close to the beginning of the end"