Yankee Stadium Championships = Good Returns?

080922 Yankees.jpg

As I watched Yankee legends and their families take the field last night before the final game at the 85 year old House that Ruth Built, I was amazed again by how many winning years they have had. 26 World Series Championships in 85 years - the most wins of any professional sports franchise in history. On a whim, I decided to see if the positive energy from the wins flowed down the East River to Wall St. and lifted the markets those years.

On average, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 7.9% for the years that Yanks won

the series. The best year was in 1928 when the Yankees beat the Cardinals. That year the Dow was up a whopping 49.5%. The worst year was when the Yankees beat the Giants in 1937. Nonetheless, the Dow lost 32.8% that year. These numbers compare to a slightly lower average of 7.6% when the Yankees did not win the World Series. Statistically, there is no real difference here so as the Yanks miss the playoffs for the first time in years, you can be sure there is no correlation with their season performance and the market turmoil. The next time you watch a game, feel free to root with your hearts, not your portfolio.

Keeping the Dow down this year are GM, Merck , Boeing , Citigroup and General Electric - not the New York Yankees.

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