Mad Mail: Cramer Is Pro Paulson's Plan

Cramer: Thank you for your entertaining Mad Money show. In all of my 58 years, I've never heard a man speak so much truth. To be so right, so many times, and at such a crucial time. Please let me suggest that not only does the Fed "know nothing," but that Congress knows even less. If you are unwilling to take your rightful place as combined Treasury Secretary and SEC Chairman under the next administration, at the very least, please give lessons in money and banking to our next Congress. They obviously need help and there's no one better to explain such complex topics in simple English than you. Thanks for all your help. Thank you for being you. --Craig

Cramer says: “…the time to be a loud critic, the time to be in their faces saying no, no, no, has passed. I had that last year. I am no longer there. I am trying to help this administration pass this…we need this, and I am with Hank Paulson on this plan. We need rates cuts and a stimulus. We need to throw everything at it.”


Dear great one: I love your show. I am disabled war veteran, and I am on a fixed income. I have $30,000 in the market. I heard you say I should sell 20% of my stocks on Monday, but I have stop orders in. So should I still sell 20%? In addition, I usually buy stocks with good dividends, so should I sell those stocks? Thank you. --Disabled Veteran

Cramer says: Investors should rank their stocks one through four. Ones are stocks you want to hold on to, twos you buy if the market dip, threes should be sold on any rally, the fours you sell outright. The 20% should come from the fours, “and I demanded that you have some fours regardless…I want that same ranking tonight” for viewers who missed last Thursday and Friday’s shows. Sell that 20%, the fours you want to get rid of, at Tuesday’s market opening. “I don’t care if you get higher prices.”

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