Blackrock's Doll on Markets: Signs of Capitulation

The worst may be over for markets, suggested Bob Doll, global chief investment officer of equities at BlackRock, on CNBC Tuesday.

"I think we saw lots of signs last week of capitulation—that's what we need to clear this out—I imagine we have to test those lows, but, absent three more names we know well disappearing, I think we've seen the lion's share of the downturn." (Watch the accompanying video for Doll's full comments...)

Of course, a major consideration is the bailout package being negotiated in Congress, he noted. And it's important for investors to know what the bailout does and doesn't do.

"This does not put a floor under housing prices," Doll said. "This does not prop up a weak economy. It's just a mechanism to create some liquidity, and, in doing so, to restore some confidence."

"I think we have to be thankful we have a guy like Hank Paulson sitting in that chair. He knows markets, he knows the players, he's reaching out, he's not a guy grabbing for power; he's trying to come up with some things that are going to make a difference in the middle of a crisis."

On Treasury bills going to zero, Doll said:

"We got down to 50 basis points in March; many of us thought that was ringing a bell, but, of course, we've now gone to zero. The other side of that trade is when you're desperate for owning safety, you're desperate to get out of risky things, and that's generally closer to a bottom, not a top, in risk assets."