Bosom Buddies

The Funny Business Product of The Week!

I don't know if you watched the Emmy Awards (apparently I'm the only one who did), but I noticed Tina Fey pulling one of her acceptance speeches out of the top of her dress. I guess she can't carry the speech up on stage in her purse--and maybe she forgot to pull it out before leaving her seat.

So, if necessity is the mother of all lingerie, soon women will carry nothing in their purses, and everything in their blouses. Check out the Cleavage Caddy.


The caddy is a pocket-filled insert which fits inside a bra, allowing a woman to carry her credit cards, lipstick, keys, even her cell phone on her person. Cell phone? Creator Laura McLaren tells FlashNews the product is constructed in such a way that no one will notice the extra baggage--though I might suggest carrying a second cell phone in case you need to look more symmetrical.

The Cleavage Caddy--priced at $30--has lace, but there's a lace-free version called Braz-on-Go (though I couldn't actually find it for sale on the website). There's also a tween girl version called Lil' Budz, and McLaren is developing something called the "Manz-on-Go...A creative solution to the man's wallet that has multi-functional hidden storage." The imagination runs wild.

Now, in my experience, no matter how big or small a purse, it takes me a half hour of rifling around to find even the largest object inside. One would hope digging around inside a Cleavage Caddy would be more discreet. Apparently the caddy has another benefit, too. It helps women defy the inevitable effects of gravity by giving them an extra boost. Much cheaper than surgery.

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