Monday's Viewer Favorite: Trongs

By Dan Ferrara
Creator, Trongs

Getting messy is part of the fun of eating wings… right? That’s the quick response some


people will give when they first hear about trongs, but do they really mean it? Does anyone really LIKE getting messy, or is it that we like eating wings and ribs, and getting messy is the consequence?

Trongs are three limbed mini tongs that stand like a tripod, so they are easy to pick up and put down. They are designed with teeth to grip the bone of a wing or rib and trongs are dishwasher safe up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

The idea came to us (inventors Eric Zimmermann and Dan Ferrara) when we were driving home from Buffalo, NY, where we were meeting with a company regarding another invention of ours, the Zenergy™ ergonomic appliance door ( We were frustrated because we had very little cash flow and the company we were ready to sign a deal with had just announced that they were filing for bankruptcy.

We decided to take a break and have some wings at our favorite spot, Dempsey’s in East Meadow. As we began eating, my (Dan) cell-phone rang, but I couldn’t answer it because it was in my pocket and I had sauce all over my fingers. Right then, we realized that there was an obvious utensil that the world was missing and the concept of the Trong was born.

We went through 12 prototypes before we came up with the current design, which fits the criteria we were after:

- Effective
- Comfortable to use
- Reasonably priced

Unlike learning how to use chop sticks, Trongs can be mastered in a very short period of time. The key is to use the teeth to grip the bone and don’t squeeze hard. Most people get the hang of it after six or seven wings.

Be sure to pick up a pack for your next party. Priced at just $4.99 for a six pack (12 trongs), trongs make great stocking stuffers too.

- Dan Ferrara