Patemm Inc's Success with Viral Marketing

By Grace Welch
Founder, Patemm Inc.
When I started patemm inc in 2004, I didn't have the marketing dollars to promote my baby


product called the patemm pad--the patented, award-winning ROUND diaper changing pad.

I was a strong believer in viral marketing/word of mouth marketing. I believed that the more moms and dads and caretakers who had and used my product, then they, in turn, would tell a friend about how it. That was a goal that I used to drive people to my website and generate sales. It was easy and very cost-effective.

In the first 2 years, this "viral" technique proved very successful for patemm. It not only generated sales, it created a "buzz" within the media. In this short period of time, the patemm pad was featured in major magazines such as Parents, Real Simple, PEOPLE, Life & Style and seen on ABC's The View, The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show and of course, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

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