Skimpy Idaho Cheerleaders Outfits Should Be Back Readers Say

Skimpy dressed Idaho Cheerleaders
Larry Johnson/Vandals News Service
Skimpy dressed Idaho Cheerleaders

Yesterday, I wrote about how the University of Idaho was telling its cheerleaders that it had to wear something more sensible. I strongly disagreed with the sentiment and thought it was a bad business decision.

Readers of Sports Biz, more than 850 strong, voted and agreed, with almost 90 percent saying that covering up was bad business for a school that is struggling to put fans in the seats. It was the second most lopsided poll of the entire year on my blog.

More people said they would eat turkey testicles at the ballpark in Sioux Falls, S.D., than those that agreed with the University of Idaho's decision. More people thought that so-far-bust Michelle Wie would win a PGA Tour tournament in her career.

Here's my problem with what I call a rash decision by the University of Idaho. They don't realize that, most of the time, people only voice their opinion when they hate something. So what I guess happened is that they heard more negatives than positives, which is just human nature.

Go online to restaurant reviews or hotel reviews of amazing places and you'll mostly find people who were disappointed. Look up something like Brite Smile, the teeth whitening business, and you'll see the majority of posts are complaints about people who were in the worst pain of their life after getting the treatment. If that was representative of the entire population, they'd be out of business. I called my dentist to inquire about this type of whitening, and she said she's done tons of them and never had a substantive complaint.

That's why I wanted a real poll among Idaho season ticket holders and I'd bet you'd find the majority of people are in favor of the outfits. But when you get notes like this, which I had in my e-mail box, you tend to succumb to the pressure.

"You know what? People do NOT need to be bombarded with sex everywhere they go. Families go to football games, which means that kids are there. Who cares if it makes business sense? There is a little known thing in this world called morality. People do NOT go to football games to see half-naked cheerleaders and, if they do, then they are losers!"

If you love the outfits, you write a note that says something like this: "Really enjoy the outfits. It's a nice addition to the U of I game experience."

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