Beasley Continues With Adidas Story

Earlier today, we told you about Michael Beasley's business manager who said that his client had been in adidas shoes his entire life. The line didn't make sense to us since it's pretty easy to see that Beasley had played in variety of brands throughout his freshman year at Kansas State.

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We were sure it was just a misspoken line. That perhaps his manager wasn't aware that Beasley hasn't had an adidas allegiance since he left his AAU team.

So we were sure that if Beasley made any comment about adidas it surely wouldn't be that he's been wearing the brand forever. But that didn't happen.

"I've been playing in adidas since I was 13 years old," Beasley told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel tonight.

That's a true statement, technically. But you also loved your Jordans.

Since Beasley has really been in the spotlight, which we read as when the general population got to know him, Beasley has had no brand loyalty. We're fine with that. But there's no reason to go out of the way to say you've been completely loyal if there are thousands of photos that suggest otherwise.

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