Tuesday's Viewer Favorite: Shape Up Shoes

By Trammell Wilson
Creator, Shape Up Shoes

We here at ShapeUpShoes.com are thrilled to be chosen as the million dollar idea viewer favorite!! Quite


frankly we agree! How nice in this busy day and age is it to be able to slip on your Shape Up Shoes and get a workout in just 30 minutes while you are doing other things that need to be done anyway!! One of many great things about Shape Up Shoes is they DO work thanks to dramatically cut sole! You have to focus on balancing and defying gravity while wearing Shape Up Shoes!

Simple as this: wear your shape up shoes just 30 minutes a day around the house for toned legs, lifted buns, and a stronger core!!!! not to mention improved balance and increased circulation!! Shape Up Shoes are more affordable and effective than the shoes out there with similar technology! See for your self- get a pair of Shape Up Shoes and start to enjoy the benefits!!!

Thanks a million!!
Trammell Wilson