See What People Are Saying About... Outrage Over Bailout


A small but vocal group of lawmakers may be opposed to the Wall Street bailout, at least as it stands now.

Democrat Brad Sherman, said that if Congress does not act in the next few days, the bailout would not likely pass in its current form.

"My calls are coming in about 300 to 2 against this," he told CNBC. "That's why if this bill doesn't pass on Saturday or Sunday, it won't pass in its current form, because if members go home and actually talk to their constituents, they'll see the anger at this."

Others are more optimistic. A Republican member of Congress, Peter King of New York, said a "solid number" of Republicans are likely to approve the bailout even though many don't support it.

"I expect though that between today and tomorrow, and maybe into Saturday, you will see a solid number of Republicans voting for it," King told CNBC.

And that leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. Should politicians vote in favor of a Wall Street bailout if their constituents are largely against it?

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