2008 Clinton Global Initiative Summit

Clinton Global Initiative
Clinton Global Initiative
Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative, now in its fourth year, draws world leaders, celebrities and scholars for three days of discussions about pressing global issues like climate change and health.

Already this year’s conference is unlike any other. The current crisis on Wall Street is front and center of our coverage at the Clinton Global Initiative. This is an unprecedented time in the financial industry. Investors are paying close attention to what’s happening on Capitol Hill as the market tries to digest Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s plan to buy up to $700 billion in mortgage-related assets. Full Story

Commitment to Leadership in Philanthropy
Jennifer and Peter Buffett
NoVo Foundation
As co-founders of the NoVo Foundation, the Buffetts have implemented a new, holistic approach to philanthropy that aims to leverage the capacity of existing organizations to advance change and to strive toward a more balanced world.

The Buffetts' philanthropy through the Spirit Foundation historically supported social service, environmental and arts organizations, primarily in the Midwest. As their experience as funders grew, so did their wish to work in partnership with organizations toward more clearly defined social goals. Read more

Commitment to Leadership in Civil Society
Xiaoyi (Sheri) Liao
Founder and President
Global Village of Beijing

Sheri Liao, one of China's best-known environmental activists, founded Global Village of Beijing (GVB) in 1996 with her personal savings. Within a decade, Liao had solidified GVB's international reputation as one of the most influential NGOs in China, working to help the country raise its environmental consciousness.

Liao's innovative work and dedication have raised our environmental consciousness, challenging us to "think green" for a better future. Read more

Commitment to Leadership in Public Service
Julio Frenk
Senior Fellow
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Carso Health Institute

A visionary and statesman, Julio Frenk is one of the greatest authorities in the field of public health. He served as minister of health of Mexico from 2000 to 2006. In this capacity, his administration launched Seguro Popular, an ambitious effort to provide universal health care for families previously excluded from social health insurance. Through his efforts, Mexican insurance is expanding access to quality care for almost 50 million Mexicans.

Frenk's pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach to eliminating health disparities has changed the way practitioners and policy makers think about health across the world, bringing a greater focus on evidence-based decision making with live-saving results. Read more

Commitment to Leadership in the Corporate Sector
Neville Isdell
Chairman of the Board
The Coca-Cola Company

Neville Isdell is one of the most articulate advocates for social action in the business community. As CEO and chairman of The Coca-Cola Company, Isdell has defined his tenure with a strong engagement with government and NGOs.

Isdell has been a strong proponent for foreign direct investment as a way to strengthen economies around the world. He led the introduction of The Coca-Cola Company's entry into the former Soviet Union and into Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has been a strong advocate of the private sector's leadership role in combating HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Through his pioneering leadership at The Coca-Cola Company and beyond, Isdell has verified that the private sector has immeasurable capacity to strengthen the communities it serves and to lead the way to shape a better future. Read more