StartupNation's Vendor Matching Service

By Rich Sloan
Founder, StartupNation

They don't teach you this formula in school:

You + Time = Money

But they should.

Fortunately, it's a lesson we learn quickly as we gain experience in life. And it certainly is true


when it comes to running a business. For the vast majority of business owners, the most valuable asset you and your business have is Y-O-U.

One of the biggest burdens is selecting vendors who you have to go out and identify, research and qualify, and do all of this in a way that's thorough, which means tracking down multiple options to weigh against each other, and then choosing the best one. Did someone say, "time drain!"?

To add to the situation, it becomes particularly difficult (and scary) when trying to compare what are often apples-to-oranges proposals.

So here's what we did: To help shift power into your hands and make you super smart and efficient about selecting vendors for your business, we started offering a very cool no-charge service at StartupNation that allows you to find those vendors VERY efficiently, all pre-screened and rated, and do it in an apples-to-apples way without any obligation whatsoever.

See StartupNation's Vendor Matching Service

It's our own vendor matching program – sort of a Lending Tree for small business - and you simply find the category that fits your need the best, click it, fill out the simple online form, and hit “submit”. From there, within 24 hours, you receive as many as five vendors competing for your business. We provide you with a list of important, standard questions to ask each of the vendors so you can organize them into an apples-to-apples comparison and then either select no one or select the one that fits your criteria best.

Time is money, and we want you spending that time in the best, most profitable way. Do the stuff your business needs to get done without all of the shopping around and guesswork by using the StartupNation Vendor Matching Service with pre-screened vendors.

Some of the most popular categories of services used by business owners are:

Accounting/bookkeeping, business insurance, business plans, credit card processing, e-commerce Web development, factoring loans, fulfillment services, incorporation services, lead generation and merchant cash advance.

Also popular are online marketing assistance, payroll services, phone systems, postage meters, search engine optimization, telemarketing, and VOIP phone services.

The most popular of all? Web design.

Check it out.

Save time with pre-screened vendors who compete for your business