Mad Mail: Should I Buy Water Stocks?

Booyah Cramer: I have been listening to the Congressional hearings this week and had problems understanding what Bernie (did he get my Valentine?) and Hank were trying to say. I was floored to hear the arrogance of the Congressional delegation, from both political parties, as we attempt to save us from ourselves. Are they serious? We desperately need term limits! --Mike

Cramer says: Remember what was at the heart of this problem. Hank Paulson has said the fundamentals are sound, while Ben Bernanke was worried about inflation. So when they later testify in front of Congress that there’s a crisis going on, “you’re credibility is shot…everything was pretty shameful about all this.” These were not the guys to pitch the bailout plan. But still, “the plan is a good one.”


Hey Jim: Why are investors all over the country not paying attention to companies involved in buying up water rights? I think water is going to be bigger than oil in the years to come…If the biggest investors such as Boone Pickens and Warren Buffet are investing in water, why aren't people following their lead? --Max

Cramer says: “There are no safe plays in water. Just drink it.”

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