Housing Turnaround or Recession?

We've talked about the irony thesis a lot lately on the show – at least when we haven't been focused on the Paulson/Invest In America bailout plan – the basic idea being that even as the banks are choking on bad mortgages, the stocks of the homebuilders have been rallying, which forecasts a bottom in housing prices in about nine months.

Jim's been through the many reasons why he thinks housing will bottom – peaking foreclosures, the bailout plan, the fact that our country hasn't built this few houses in 17 years, a time when we had 40 million fewer people living in America. We've recommended Masco, which makes cabinets and plumbing, and talked to the CEOs of Pulte Homes, as well as Ethan Allen, the interior design company, on Thursday night.

But at the same time we've been recommending a number of trade-down plays, stocks that work as the economy weakens and consumers try to save cash by buying cheaper products: Ralcorp, the largest maker of private-label cereals, and on Wednesday McCormick, the number-one spice maker in America, with 50% market share, as a play on fewer people going out to eat at restaurants and more people cooking at home. So how do these two things fit together? Are we predicting both a bottom in housing in nine months and a recession?

Yup. The irony thesis does not mean happy days are here again for the whole economy, it's housing specific. Even with a successful bailout plan, all that does is take the possibility of a depression off the table, not a recession.

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