Wall Street Crisis Good For Authors

Ok so we all know we’re going to be paying for this economic mess for years - now I can tell you we’ll also be reading about it for many years to come.

This financial fiasco is now the subject of at least four new books that are being rushed to print.

New York Times business reporter and frequent guest on CNBC, Andrew Ross Sorkin is set to write, “TOO BIG TO FAIL”, a behind-the-scenes account of the personalities and policies that led to the biggest debacle in American finance since the Depression.

Peter Goodman also of the Times will write, “HOCUS POCUS” tracing the roots of the crisis and he’ll look into the future - exploring the economic opportunities and challenges that may arise in a new financial period of thrift and pullback.

Belgium-based economist and journalist Johan Van Overtveldt's has signed a deal to write, “BERNANKE'S TEST: BEN BERNANKE, ALAN GREENSPAN, AND THE DRAMA OF THE CENTRAL BANKER.” This book will look at how the present crisis is -in Van Overtveldt’s opinion- largely a result of Greenspan's policies, and how Bernanke may be the one to lead us to the promised land.

Roger Lowenstein's Author of Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist will write, “SIX DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD”, a look at how the crisis played out on Wall Street and in Washington. Lowenstein is also the author of “Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist.”


SPEAKING of Buffett – Alice Schroeder author of the must-read, "THE SNOWBALL: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life” will be LIVE on CNBC’s Power Lunch Tuesday September 30.

The biography gods were smiling upon Schroeder as she was given an ungodly amount of access to the Oracle of Omaha. He talked to her about the bulls, bears and the birds and bees. It’s a brutally candid book that introduces the reader to an Oracle we never knew.

Schroeder spent thousands of hours with Buffett and knows him perhaps better than he even knows himself – if you’ve got a special question for her please check out my colleague Alex Crippen’s blog, “Warren Buffett Watch” to find out how you can ask her a question.

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