Michael Strahan: The Face Of.. Vaseline?

Michael Strahan had a tremendous amount of success as an endorser when he was playing in the NFL with the New York Giants, including deals with Right Guard and Subway.

But we're wondering what Strahan was thinking when he picked up a deal to endorse "Vaseline Men." Ads featuring the retired defensive end, who is now paid by FOX Sports, were all over ESPN.com this weekend.

Vaseline Men is basically a line of "cleansing and skin care products." It's an interesting play for the folks at Unilever, which owns the brand, and an even more interesting endorsement.

"When Unilever approached Michael about serving as a spokesman for their new line of Vaseline Men products, Michael tried the products and really liked them," his agent Maury Gostfrand of Vision Sports Group told us.

I know no other details on this other than the fact that SportsBusiness Journal reported that Strahan and Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley have filmed an ad for the products, which is supposed to hit the airwaves soon.

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