Business That Makes You Feel Funny, Pt 2

On the Palin baby-naming web site I blogged about, Michael W. writes: "Just occurred to me...'Palin' is an anagram of 'lapin', which is French for rabbit, an animal which breeds very quickly."

Regarding PETA's efforts to convince Ben and Jerry's to substitute human breast milk for cow's milk, Julie B. is dumbstruck:
"Can't decide which way I want to take this: 1. Imagine the fun Ben & Jerry's could have with re-naming all their ice cream flavors! ha! All I can come up with right now is "perky peanut butter cup". (granted, a little PG-13 and most definitely tacky, but hilarious nonetheless). 2. Would this be considered kosher? 3. Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but how is it better for humans, as opposed to cows, to produce tens of thousands of gallons of milk? Aren't we having all the same exact issues but with a different species? Imagine a room full of women attached to pumps. That sounds dangerous..."

And regarding my son finally going back to his Microsoft Xbox, weighs in (pretty funny I have to admit).

Craig K. is a former GameStop investor who also highlights a great video on the entrepreneurial spirit thriving from failure:

"For full disclosure I bought GME in 2005. Sold half my position this past Christmas. Glad I did. I read this and confirmed my decision. Net - Net For consumer - Buy from GameStop but don't trade in games, rather sell them on E-bay. For investors - Own GME stock to pay for your video games. It is good to see the entrepreneurial side of your son. Encourage it. I'm glad my parents did. For example check out this Sara Blakely YouTube: Her father would get mad when she wasn't failing enough. 'To double your success rate, double your failure rate.' - Tom Watson, Sr., founder of IBM"

Pedro K. is a GameStop employee who says my son made a mistake buying the PS3 in the first place:
"The sad truth is that Nintendo is winning. The Wii and the DS are the hottest things on the planet. The DS I can understand, but the Wii is a GameCube with motion sensing controller and it really is disturbing to see how people honestly believe they can make their child become more active by buying them a system that makes them wave their arms up and down. Don't even get me started on Wii Fit....I personally believe Microsoft is the way to go. It focuses on the core reason people play games… to have fun… alarming I know. Great games (Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3) and great ways to play them (Xbox live with millions of other players and friends or locally with your friends)...P.S.: I work at a GameStop and let me assure you that 95% of its employees are complete nerds. I'm happy to say that I'm not one of them anymore. Not completely at least. Though I did take a bit of my time to write this (email) up. Oh, and next time you go to GameStop reserve a game (there is no downside to it besides having to go back to that store to pick it up) and get the Edge card its $15 but well worth the price…damn I've been working at my store for too long."

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