Bailout Protests Create Strange Bedfellows

I never thought I'd see the day when Michael Moore and the Cato Institute come down on the same side of an issue. But they did agree in their distaste over the mad rush to push through a bailout package:

Here's Michael Moore's take. And from Cato contributor Alan Reynolds.


Jason Jepson is trying to convince me to cover the annual

Bisbee's Black & Blue Tournament

in Cabo next month. I wish. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen in this crazy market. But from an investment standpoint, Jepson brings up an interesting idea, given Monday's market plunge. He wonders if spending tens of thousands of dollars and praying you catch a monster marlin may be a better investment than the stock market. After all, in Cabo you'll have a one in 50 chance of becoming a millionaire.

"Best odds in the world to win $1 million," he says of the Bisbee's tournament. "If a team pays $31,000--getting into five key daily jackpots--they have a one in 50 chance of winning $1 million each day. The money goes up if they pay the whole $75,000 (to participate in the entire tournament)."

The most you can win? $4 million. The most you're out? $75,000. "I wonder what the return with the market is?" Jepson asks.

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