Today's Top Videos: Pickens, Bailout Bill & More...

A day after Congress fails to pass the bailout bill, economists gather to discuss what went wrong, the significance of the plan and its financial implications. Plus, car dealers face the heavy pressures of the credit crunch. Following are today's top videos:

Pickens On Oil

“Getting $3 back on a $10 loss doesn’t get you fixed. But all that’s going to work together—don’t look at this too short-term. A year from now, we’re going to be back up at $150 a barrel. You’re looking at 85 million barrels a day, that’s all that the world can produce. The IEA has projected to be 87 million barrels. [So] it won’t work –the only way you can take care of demand is by price.”

—Boone Pickens, CEO, BP Capital

Doll On Bailout Bill

“I think it’s pretty important both for Wall Street, and more importantly, for main street [that the bailout bill gets passed]. This bill’s no panacea, but what it will do if passed, is take some of the downside risk out. Markets freezing up, the ability to begin to address liquidity and reliquification. That’s what we need to get the system back on track.”

—Robert Doll, Vice Chairman & CIO, BlackRock

Toll On Autos

“If you want to talk to somebody who’s really upset right now—call an auto dealer because almost all of them will tell you the same thing: they’re dying on the vine. And why? Because there’s an auto-crunch going on and a credit crunch in the auto industry….”

—Phil LeBeau, CNBC Business News

Governor Corzine on the Bailout

“If you have a loss like you did in the market yesterday and if you have a 16 percent drop in home prices, that takes away from the confidence of real people. They know that they are not as wealthy as they were the day before, or a year before. And the reality is that confidence has eroded dramatically, especially because we have an economy that is 70 percent based on consumption.”

—Gov. Jon Corzine, D-New Jersey

Private Equity Impact

“Congress is focused appropriately on marking sure that the assets are bought the right way. But in reality, once they are bought, the banks will be liquid and now you want to make sure that they use money the right way. They have to make money available now for mortgages. Now is the right time to buy a house….”

—Donald Marron, Chairman, Lightyear Capital