Reader Mail: Hating and Debating the Bailout

Ah, in case you haven't heard, there are some VERY strong opinions about the bailout plan. And you folks are letting us know.

Most are Con ...

The Bailout is a snow job on the American people and must be turned down.We have had enough Hankie-Pankie from Paulson, and want him thrown from office in disgrace. — Jeff

NO BAIL OUT - Let the chips fall!! -- Rick

But a few Pro ...

As hard as it is to swallow, I agree that a bailout is needed. — Karen

You've got to stop calling it a BAILOUT. That has an extremely negative connotation. — Kate

As I noted early this week, our business audience isn't as pro bailout as one would think. But we are getting some emails supporting certain actions surrounding the bailout debate.

So, in the interest of taking another temperature, we thought we'd ask ... what do you think would work the most?

Take the poll.

More Readers on the Bailout .....

Why is no one listening to the American people. Let Wall Street work this out. Let the Companies fall if they are going to. — Jason

Yes.. we the people do understand the connection with wall street and main street and we still say no bail out.. we aren't stupid here.. we get it.. People need to quit overspending and taking risk with tax payers money and expecting someone to bail them out!! — Sally

When I am in a tough situation I ask this simple question, what would my grandparents have done. They came from the greatest generation and they respected money. Furthermore, in their day credit actually meant something. What is happenning is irrespnsiblility is being rewarded. LET THE MARKET WORK IT OUT!!!!!!! -- Adriana

It sucks, but it may suck a lot more if it does not pass. -- Jim

I can't find gasoline to save my life, thanks to no government intervention. But they sure have time to transfer 700 billion u.s. dollars to foreign banks with this bailout plan. -- Jeff

I am not interested in any bailout using taxpayer dollars. We are rewarding those at the top and those at the bottom of this crisis for irresponsible borrowing behavior. -- Nick

The plan proposed by the house republicans appears to make the most sense with the least risk to taxpayers. -- Jack

I can't believe that so many are against the a "bailout". These same people will be crying the blues looking for the Government to bail them out when they lose their home and job if this plan is not enacted. — Ted

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