See What People Are Saying About... Government Pork


House members are getting another chance to vote on a bill many would like to avoid: a massive financial rescue that has infuriated millions but is being promoted as critically needed to stave off a deep recession.

This time, it comes back to the House loaded with billions of dollars worth of tax cuts and other sweeteners.

There's help for film and TV producers, motorsports and the wool trust fund. There's even a tax break for makers of wooden practice arrows for children.

They are meant to attract at least a dozen House members who voted against the measure Monday, when it failed, 228-205, triggering a record drop in the stock market.

Senators added the new items in a 74-25 vote late Wednesday, sending the rewritten package back to the House for a showdown vote expected Friday.

And that leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. Do you agree with the decision to add incentives in order to get a Wall Street bailout passed by the House?

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