Mad Mail: What Happened to China?

Dear Jim: You have mentioned numerous times in the last month that China, having consumed so many resources for so long, has disappeared off the map. Is there a rational explanation for this pullback in consumption? I have not heard anyone discuss any reason for the pullback or provide any relative analysis. Thanks for all you do! My son and I love the show. --Jeff in California

Cramer says: “…We don’t know a thing about what’s going on there. But we know they’re not ordering…” China’s been “mum” since the Olympics. All the minerals and oil buying has disappeared. “…But you’re absolutely right, Jeff, there has been no logical explanation that we’ve heard.”

Hi Jim: First, I would like to add my name to the long list of people who thank you for your advice. I know you have a team so thanks to them too! I am still holding Pfizer. I've sold some even at these low prices because I wanted to get some cash out of the market but do you think Wall Street will come back to PFE? I used to work in consumer health so I am emotionally attached to the sector. --Dolores

Cramer says: “These are pieces of paper. You’re emotionally attached to a piece of paper?” Pfizer could end up just being a bond. So if you want to own one of them, buy a Treasury.

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