Audi's Cross Country Push For Diesel

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Could this finally be the big breakthrough diesel fans have been clamoring for? Could this be the start of Americans getting over their lack of interest for diesel cars? Audi certainly hopes so. Audi is on a cross country publicity push spreading the word about clean diesel.

There's no doubt that diesel is a compelling message. At a time when the public is willing to look at vehicles that go further and pollute less, diesel is primed to make it's case. After all, with diesel you get better performance, mileage, and lower emissions. So why wouldn't Americans want what's big in Europe?

Well, they've passed on diesel for two primary reasons. First. the frequency of diesel pumps leaves many people wondering if they can get it everywhere. That concern is ridiculous. With a few exceptions, almost every gas station I've pulled into has at least one diesel pump.

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The other concern is that diesel smells. Remember the cars from the late 70's that stunk to high heaven? I do. I still remember me and my friends all yelling "shotgun" so we didn't have to get stuck in the back seat of another friend's nasty smelling diesel powered car.

Thankfully, the new Diesel cars don't smell. Unfortunately, getting Americans past that perception won't be so easy. Yes, I know diesel fans will e-mail me and immediately start howling, "You don't understand, things are different".

Yes they are. Unfortunately, it will take time to change that image. Audi hopes to do it one road trip at a time.

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