Guest List: Wednesday 10/8

How do you prepare for the future when nothing is certain? How do you find financial security in this volatile market when you don’t know from one day to the next if you’ll have enough customers to keep your doors open, or a job to go to next week? Jim in California - a Senior Vice President – faces losing his job - he knows he can no longer count on ‘the man’ and his only real security lies in the small business he’s building on the side.

Special Guests:
Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel - Professional Gamer
Ron Simpson - Founder, Play N TradeRonnier Steinberg - Founder, Bruck Media
Jerry Lynch CFP CLU ChFC - Founder, JFL Consulting
Dan Williams - Angel Investor & Partner, QBFL Investment Group
Mike Michalowicz - Author, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Featured Big Network Guests:
Jim Bonfield - GamerCoach
Robert Wulfe - Smudge Dog and Car Wash
Eric Schambeck - Schambeck Homecare
Gavin McCulley -
Stephen Fahringer -
Ann Harvey
Genyfer Spark - Xccent