Write My Blog Contest--Your Chance To Blog Right Here!

Write My Blog
Write My Blog

It's always hard taking a vacation these days as a reporter. Being on the beat all the time is just part of the job.

But every once in a while, you just have to take some big breaks to replenish. For me, that time is going to come in November, when I feel like I can get away without missing too much.

Since I want to take a real vacation and get away, I don't want to be blogging. At the same time, I do want my blog to continue to be the destination it has become for all things sports business.

So if you're a sports biz junkie, you frequent this site and you think you know your stuff, here is your chance to guest host my blog on CNBC.com. From Nov. 10-14, this can be your space.

Here's how it will work:

1. Send two sample blogs about any topic in sports business to sportsbiz@cnbc.com for review. Ideally, they must be in the 350-550 word range.

2. With the entries, please include your full name and phone number (this will not be published in any way and is just for contact purposes).

3. The winner will work with me and the CNBC.com staff on the editing of entries. There will be NO compensation for the guest hosting, other than having your posts on the site. We think that's enough to get you interested. And CNBC reserves the right not to publish anything submitted.

4. Please keep in mind current blogging/journalistic standards--any outrageous claims or language will disqualify a submission.

5. Entries will be accepted from today, Oct. 7 through Tuesday, Oct. 28. The winner will be contacted soon after and announced on the site during the first week of November.

You've proven to be a great group of people to write for. Now show me what you've got.

Questions? Comments? SportsBiz@cnbc.com