Stock Picker: The Real Danger is Inflation!

Inflation backlash?! Despite the global slowdown, that's what Rob Lutts predicts. So the founder and CIO of Cabot Money Management suggests preparing an anti-inflation strategy: gold ETFs and stocks.

"The action of central bankers globally is going to do two things for investors," Lutts explained. "It will debase the value of currency; and unleash — eventually — inflation."

"Not next month, not next quarter, but we think inflation is coming back."

And with world gold production down 10 percent from its year 2000 peak, he predicts the precious metal will hit $1,000 over the next six months, and $2,000 over the "next few years."


Lutts likes StreetTracks Gold Trust, Market Vectors Gold Miners and Barrick Gold.


Disclosure information was not availabale for Lutts or his company.

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