Tiger Woods Is Bullish On Real Estate

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

So how is Tiger Woods, recovering from a bad knee, spending his free time? By becoming a home builder! Woods has just announced his third golf course community, south of the border in Ensenada, Mexico.

Called "Punta Brava" ("wild point"), it will be built along a seven-mile rocky peninsula extending into the ocean. Think of it as Pebble Beach south. At least that's the hope.

There will be 36 estates (from $3 million to $12 million just for the lots), plus 90 villas. I'm not sure what the difference is between an estate and a villa, but both are out of my league.

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Punta Brava will open in 2011, about a year after Woods' first US golf course development opens in North Carolina. He has another one being built in Dubai set to open in late 2009. Maybe by the time these developments come on line, the housing market will have bottomed. Or maybe we're talking about a client base immune to even the biggest crisis on Wall Street.

What else is Tiger doing? Apparently driving his wife crazy being a stay-at-home Dad. The video is some of what Woods said at the Hotel Bel-Air about that.

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