Mad Mail: I Cashed Out, What Now?

Hi Jim: I know you are very busy, but I desperately need some advice. My husband is 84 and I am 72. Our income is very low. House paid for. Got scared today and took my money out of a CD, money will be here next week, $95,000, now what do I do with it? Thinking I should buy Gold, but am not sure. My bank and all of the other banks in the area are rated D, and I have just had enough. I would appreciate it if you would tell what you think is the best thing to do at this time. --Marilyn in Pennsylvania

Cramer says: “…I think you should put that money in a savings account, which is insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC, and we’ll wait for better times.”


Hi Jim!: Booyah from Chicago! Because all of the market is being battered, I am sure that there are sectors that are being beat up much more than they should be. For example, electric utilities. Now that natural gas costs are way down and the charge for electricity remains the same, doesn't this bode well for these beat up utilities that stand to make money due to lower input costs? Which electric utility companies rely heavily on natural gas for fuel and which stand to make the most money from fuel savings? --Mike

Cramer says: “…buy Kinder Morgan Partners…when this one comes down, KMP, it yields almost 10%, that’s the one you want.”


Jim: I admire you. You do a great service for society. My question is about Dollar Tree. People have to buy things for the holidays, put some kind of gift under the tree for the kids, etc. This play has many of the attributes of Wal-Mart, despite the fact it is at the bottom of the retail market chain. Could this stock actually do well in this extremely difficult environment? --Rich

Cramer says: I’m going to do my homework and give you my answer on this Friday’s show.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Wal-Mart.

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