Earnings Surprises: Who Will Hit and Who Will Miss?

Sri Raman, senior analyst at StarMine, pinpointed companies that are expected to announce both positive and negative earnings surprises in the coming weeks.

"We definitely did see a lot of companies coming in on the downside, and that’s not surprising given the financial turmoil that we are going in right now," Raman told CNBC.

Positive Surprises:

99 Cent Only Stores —"It's expected given the weak economy. People are going to be pinching pennies."

Aeropostale —"[Although] they are in a sector that is affected by the downturn... But [because of] the great back-to-school products that they have, they’re going to beat the estimates."

Negative Side:

Nokia —"They’re actually not competing on price, and most analysts think that it’s going to hurt their market share."

Boeing—"They have a strike going on right now and it’s expected to hit their earnings this quarter."

Expedia —"They have foreign exchange headwinds, they have a lot of businesses out of the country…"

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