More Names For Crisis And Panic of 1893--Your Emails

Regarding my post from Jason J. on all the different phobias out there, and what to call the current market crisis, Jeff J. suggests the following:

Post-Mortgage Anxiety ("if Sarah Connor took out a subprime mortgage, she would be running from the Mozilonator.")

Bernanktile Dysfunction
Fear and Bove
Post-Bernanke Crash Disorder

Ed T. adds two more:

After I blogged about suggested March Madness brackets for the financial meltdown, Dave C. responded:
"Very entertaining...printed out the brackets!...Looks like Wells Fargo is in both brackets...a great business strategy, but in sports that would likely be called cheating. I've renamed Wells Fargo 'Fargo's well' in my brackets."

And after seeing the Haunted Houses cartoon in my "Signs of the Times" post, Bill M. says the 'toon may be more historically accurate than we realize. After all, Wikipedia says the original haunted houses may have come from The Panic of 1893:
"The huge spike in unemployment, combined with the loss of life savings by failed banks, meant that a once secure middle class could not meet their mortgage obligations. As a result, many walked away from recently built homes. From this, the sight of the vacant Victorian (haunted) house entered the American mindset."

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