Reader Mail: Who We Should Be Listening To

Who should we all be listening to when it comes to getting out of the current market/credit mess?

We asked readers and viewers, and we're getting some interesting answers ...


As it seems no one in leadsrship will step up, it is up to you to start giving the viewers a positive word. Give those who are in a panic mode some good news. You have to be the stepping stone to stop the panic, if not the greed, of those still trying to make a buck on the back of the adv. people who don't know what to do. I'm in it for the long run, always have been, but we have to stop the panic, and you on TV can be the heros here. Do it now.
— Barbara, Arizona

Where the heck is W? Picking out drapes? We could use a good 'ol fireside chat, or some sort of reassurance. Maybe even hear from one of the CEOs (or Ex-CEO) from a major company. But I guess they are in a panic, too.
— Sally, Irving, Texas

Tyler Mathiesen--CNBC-Managing Editor--said it well--Leaders need to speak up.But I suggest Chris Dodd,Frank Barney also to speak up.
Most importantly--Obama and Mccain need to REASSURE the Market.
Their speeches are creating more FEAR--PLEASE GET THEM to SAY Positive things.In 27 days--one of them will be the next President.
They could announce their Next Treasury Secretary.
In 1978,when Paul Volcker choice was announced--US $ fall was stopped.
So public confidence would be reinforced knowing--who is going to be the next Secretary of Treasury.
Investors are scared of Obama's Cap.Gains/Dividend tax changes and his inexperience.
MCcain plan of Housing is likewise is not a good option either.
So both need to show LEADERSHIP NOW--not wait 28 days.
— Dr. Mullick, Corning, NY

Citizens should take action on what these people say:
1. Any hard core Austrian Economist
2. Ron Paul
3. Catherine Austin Fitts
— Bruce, Bryan, Texas

Who should you listen to? I think the question is "Who should be listening and acting?" Greed and a total lack of accountability are fueling this market trashing. Unchecked greed and a desire to have it all now has corrupted the market. Zero accountability in the markets from ridiculous executive payouts to the surreal over leveraging of the housing and credit markets have lead to this crisis. Whatever happened to history? 1987 all over again and an order or magnitude greater. Where are the chiefs of industry? When will the petty behaviour stop? Almost a hundred years ago the street and banking system nearly failed. The kings of industry stepped up and bailed it out. Greed existed then as now, however it wasn't the type of greed that allowed unbelievably illogical behaviour to run roughshod over reality - the reality that if we, the kings of industry and banking, don't do something our whole financial world is going to crash into the ground. Typica!
lly as humans do, we ignore history, we don't learn, we think we're better - we're clueless.
— Peter, Lexington, Va.

We should be paying attention to economist Lyndon Larouche.
— Toby, Newport Beach, Calif.

To an economic novice, it is my opinion is that we should be listening to someone who is way ahead of the curve on this financial crisis. No one can argue that Nouriel Roubini is the only man who really understands the situation. Since he best understand the crisis, it seems that common sense dictates that we follow his recommendations to get out of this mess rather than pundits who keep reporting that the bottom is just around the corner. It's time to stop searching for the daily"silver lining" and start to deal with the reality of the storm.
-- Paul, Houston

As Eliza Doolittle said, Words, Words, Words, that's all I have heard. Nothing Paulsen, Bush, McCain or Obama says is going to help.
David, Freehold, NJ

It seems like Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)is the one we should listen to now. He has been going after the CEOs in their testimony to the House, and he and Pete Defazio have a plan that does not require us adding another trillion or more to our debt.
— Kodak, Tenn.

We should not be listening to the politicians. They have sold the American people down the tubes. All the member of the Banking Committee including Dodd and Frank should be immediately be removed from the committee. The best advice will come from private investors ie Warren Buffet and others who have a "brain".
— Joyce, Perrysburg, Ohio

We should be listening to Tom Friedman. We could have created policies to facilitate the alternative energy industry, which would have allowed for resources to move from building homes, and other industries, such as the automobile industry. Instead, people who are losing their jobs and will lose their jobs in these industries have no where to go.
— Ross, New York

No politician could quell fears at this point after what we saw during the Bailout vote.
As for business leaders, I agree that the CEOs of the large companies where people have invested mutual funds/401k such as Vanguard, should be out front telling us what steps they are taking to secure our investments and what they think needs to happen to free up the credit markets. I also think more discussion telling folks in simple terms what it means to them, in buying a car, credit for Christmas (rates going up on cards), etc without instilling fear.
— Steve, Fla.

Interview Satyajit Das. Read Satyajit Das predicted this a year ago, he seems to know more then anyone. Maybe he knows how it will unwind.
— Dave, Endicott, NY

I want to hear from Warren Buffet. I trust him more than anyone else right now.
— Dana, Austin, Texas

You should be listening to the people who have been right all along.
Peter Schiff
Marc Faber
Jim Rogers
Nouriel Roubini
That might work better than cheerleading for Wall Street day in and day out.
The truth has a way of working to the surface.

— Bill, New York

Warren Buffett
— Linda, Norwell, Mass.

We should have been listening to Congressman Ron Paul. He told us this was going to happen, and he's given clear direction on what American should do. The system we have is not working, and it will only get worse. We need to listen to what he has to say before it's too late.
— Brandon, Daytona Beach, Fla.

The man who predicted this years ago, based on an analysis of the financial instruments involved, is Lyndon Larouche. Had the US followed his advice, this could have been corrected years ago without a global meltdown. You should find out what he recommends at this time, before it's too late.
— JS, New York

Leadership that prevented the precipitating conditions is how the crisis could have been avoided. That would have come years ago, not weeks or days ago. This train wreck has been in the making for quite a while, and sweet words would not have avoided it.
— Lea, Atlanta

Jim Cramer would be the best.
— Aaron, Independence, Ky.

Whoever shows rationality, optimism & courage through words & actions.
— Rudy, Jakarta, Indonesia

Who should we be listening to now?
1. Ron Paul
2. Peter Schiff
3. Mike "Mish" Shedlock
4. Karl "The Ticker Guy" Denninger
5. Chris Martenson
Paulson? Greenspan? Are you NUTS? They're the ones who CREATED the crisis!!!

Fire Paulson
Fire Bernanke
Abolish the Fed and its debt-based money system, and restore asset-based money.
— Charles, Charlotte, NC

Who should we be listening to now? Jim Rogers!!!!! Get HIM ON NOW!!!!
— Robert, Martinsburg, WV

More attention should have been payed to RON PAUL,and years ago ROSS PEROT,these people were telling u EXACTLY what would happen,if we continued on this PATHETIC path!but instead,the media LAUGHED at both!now,who is LAUGHING!u r wasting ur time with these ceo CLOWNS!
— Rock, Weirton, W. Va.

We should be listening(and should have been) to Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader (both are running for President) and other such people who warned the US and congress this crisis was coming years ago. If they were able to see it coming they surely are the best and most trusted as being able to solve it.
— C, Connecticut

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