See What People Are Saying About... New Stimulus Plans


House Republicans and Democrats pushed dueling economic stimulus measures Monday as evidence mounted that the financial meltdown is dominating the presidential race and House and Senate campaigns.

Democrats are considering including an extension of jobless benefits, food aid for the poor, and possibly another round of tax rebates to follow the $600-$1,200 checks most wage earners received through the stimulus package enacted in February.

Republicans are instead calling for corporate and investment tax cuts, more energy exploration, and federally insuring 100 percent of bank transaction accounts, among other measures

Not everyone is excited by the prospect of another stimulus package. Daniel B. from Colorado writes, "How about backing away from the market, and letting it work? Unimpeded. No finger in the gears, or on the scales. Free."

And that leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. Do you agree with Daniel that it's time for lawmakers to back away from the market and it it work unimpeded?

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